cabine quadri elettrici
Quality is a must.

ASB Automation panels are manufactured with material of excellent quality, and designed specifically for extended life and easy maintenance in order to guarantee maximum performance even under extreme conditions.
We produce both our huge systems for complete plants and the small standard electrical panels with the greatest care: this is why our systems are real works of art.

Our engineers design also the off-the-shelf electrical panels with accuracy and commitment, keeping production costs as low as possible, so that A.S.B. is very competitive in a highly globalized sector.
ASB transformer stations are designed and produced in strict compliance with the EC regulations in force, and supplied with exhaustive technical documentation. We focus especially on reliability, sturdiness and safety.

These are the reasons why we have gained international acknowledgments from most international energy distribution companies.

cabine quadri elettrici cabine quadri elettrici cabine quadri elettrici
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